Pozole Rojo

I have been on a comfort kick lately. Maybe it’s because I am about to say goodbye to my first graders this coming week- I am having all sorts of feels about it. Although no one could have imagined our year in class would be cut short, I have still been in contact with them and doing my best to give them a sense of normalcy in such a scary time for a 6 year old.

Nothing says comfort more than a warm hug from a bowl of soup. When I am feeling blue, a nice big bowl of Pozole does just the trick. It has a subtle kick of heat from the chili de arbol, but it is so worth it! The slight spice is what keeps your spoon going back for more. Traditionally Pozole Rojo is made with pork butt but I like to use thick cut pork chops combined with bone in pork steaks. Not only does this cut the cooking time, but it still creates a deep flavor from the bones in the steaks. It’s a win/win!

Although Pozole on its own is scrumptious, this soup is all about the toppings. The toppings are what turn this great bowl of soup into an irresistible bite. I love playing with the toppings, but traditionally there is shredded cabbage, cilantro, sliced radishes, diced onion and jalapeno, and lots of lime. I probably put more lime than necessary, but I love how the acidity perfectly cuts the richness.

Feel free to get creative with your toppings too! Some great ideas are: avocados, pickled jalapenos, sour cream, queso fresco, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), crispy tortilla strips, and the list goes on an on!

Happy eating!


For the Pork:

1 1/2 lbs thick cut pork chops, cut into small cubes

1 lb bone in pork but steak with bone

1/2 tbs cumin

1/2 tbs Mexican oregano

1/2 tbs salt

1 tbs olive oil

For the broth:

6 c low sodium chicken stock

1 onion peeled and halved (leave root intact to help take it out later)

1/2 tbs cumin

1/2 tbs Mexican oregano

8 peeled and smashed garlic cloves

2 bay leaves 1 tsp

salt, more to taste

1 30oz can hominy

For the Red Sauce:

4 cups water

3 dried Guajillo chilis, de-seeded

5 dried Ancho chilis, de-seeded

2 dried Chili de Arbol, de-seeded

4 garlic cloves

1/2 onion

1/2 tbs cumin

1/2 tbs Mexican oregano

1 tsp salt

For the Garnish:

shredded cabbage

sliced radish

diced onion

diced jalapeno




Prepare the red sauce:

In a pot, boil 4 cups of water. Once boiling, turn off the heat. While you wait for your water to boil start your red sauce.

In a heavy bottom skillet (I use cast iron) toast the dried chilis on each side. This “wakes” them up and helps bring out their earthy flavor. Be sure not to burn them! Once they are pliable add them to the pot of hot water and help submerge them by placing a plate on top of them. Let them steep for 30 minutes.

Add the chilis, 2 1/2 cups of their soaking liquid, garlic, onion, cumin, Mexican oregano, and salt to a blender and blend until smooth. Run the mixture through a fine mesh strainer to remove any excess pulp. Set aside your strained red sauce.

Prepare the Pork Broth:

In a large bowl, toss pork with salt, cumin, and Mexican oregano. Set your pressure cooker to the saute mode, add the oil, and brown the pork in batches. Once all the meat have browned, return the pork back to the pressure cooker and add all of the broth ingredients except for the hominy. This will be added at the end to ensure it does not disintegrate.

Pressure cook the soup for 30 minutes using your manual key. When finished, let the pressure cooker release naturally (this means do not turn the knob at the top to manually release the pressure-just let it do its thing for about 15 minutes and drink a glass of wine 🙂 ). Once it has naturally released its pressure, remove the top and take out the halved onion. Remove the pork steaks, shred, and remove the bones. After, set the pressure cooker to the saute mode.

Add the red sauce and hominy and saute for another 15-20 minutes.

Adjust the salt level to your taste.

Ladle yourself a bowl and top with garnishes.

Loaded BBQ Pulled Pork Tator Tots

I have a confession to make. The above picture you see was devoured the moment I put the camera down…..there, I said it! I ate through that mound of loaded tots like I hadn’t eaten in DAYS! But dang, it was worth every bite! Thankfully, Troy stopped at the store and picked up more tator tots so I could make them again for him later during the Super Bowl.

I know it might not be the prettiest crayon in the box, but I must tell you that these loaded tator tots are everything you are imagining….and more!

The BBQ sauce I used is from Alamo Gristmill and Spice, a local vendor I found at our Pearl Farmers Market. They have a Spicy BBQ Sauce that has a little kick at the end that pairs amazingly with the sweet and creamy slaw. Honestly, every product I have used from them is amazing! I can’t wait to visit them again this Saturday for more inspiration!

If you are ever here in San Antonio, the Pearl Farmers Market is a great stop. We have fresh produce and meat from local farmers, different types of cheese, eggs, spices, sauces, jams, artisan chocolate and nuts, fresh dried pasta (they are out of this world!), not to mention all of the non food items that are made local too. There is usually live music-and in the summer, your littles can play in the fountains! Oh, I love our farmers market!

Happy Eating!


1 pkg frozen tator tots

For the Pork

1 small pork loin, silver skin removed

2 tbs yellow mustard

2 tbs garlic and herb seasoning (I use McCormick)

Salt and Pepper

2 tbs avocado oil

3 cups beef broth

1 1/2 cups Alamo Gristmill and Spice Spicy BBQ Sauce

For the Coleslaw

1 pkg coleslaw mix

1 cup mayonnaise

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1 tsp caraway seeds

1 tsp celery seeds

1 tsp poppy seeds

1 tbs honey

Salt and pepper to taste


Spicy Pickles

Green onions

Extra Spicy BBQ Sauce


For the Pork: Spread mustard all over pork. Season with garlic and herb seasoning, salt, and pepper. In a hot heavy bottom skillet, brown the pork on all sides in 2 tbs of avocado oil. Transfer pork to the Instant Pot with beef broth and set on manual mode for 40 minutes.

While the pork is cooking, preheat the oven and cook tator tots according to package directions. Salt them when they are ready to be taken out.

To make the slaw: Combine mayo and vinegar and whisk until it is a smooth consistency. Next, add in the seeds and honey. Salt and pepper to taste. Add in the slaw mix and toss to fully coat cabbage. Set aside.

When pork is finished, carefully release pressure valve. Shred the pork in the broth. Transfer to a bowl and combine with the spicy bbq sauce. If you would like your meat a little more sloppy, add a bit of the broth from the Instant Pot.

To assemble: Place down tator tots on desired dish. Top with pulled pork, slaw, pickles, green onions, and a drizzle of the bbq sauce.