About Me

Hi there! My name is Evie and cooking for me has always been something that I loved. I remember watching both my grandma and ita in the kitchen cooking delicious homemade food almost every night. Nothing ever seemed to be measured- just a little of this, a sprinkle of that, taste, and repeat.

Growing up I would try to cook for my family. Let’s just say that a lot of lessons, trial and error, were learned in that kitchen.

Eventually, I graduated from college, became an elementary school teacher, met the love of my life, and got married. Honestly, my husband is the reason for the way I cook now. When we met I was at my highest weight, felt tired all the time, and was at my wits end with how terrible I felt.

I can remember the exact night when my view of food changed. My husband Troy and I watched the food documentary Hungry For Change. I started to connect the dots in my life and realized that the food I was eating was the major cause for all my discomforts.

I started my journey into healthier eating by completing my first round of Whole30 in January 2016. I started to understand what certain foods did to my body and how they were effecting how I felt. I went on to complete 3 more rounds over the years.

Fast forward to today and my view of food has completely transformed from my earlier years. I went from cooking boxed, processed, and ready made foods to cooking wholefood versions of the dishes I love. My hubby has the best job of taste tester and sous chef in our kitchen-sampling all the dishes I make and creating memories in our marriage. I hope you enjoy this site and create your own memories in your kitchen.